Don’t judge my choices,

if you don’t know my reasons.

It has a special reason.

Which is hidden from the world.

And Haan, Don’t try to find it out..!


6 months, 100 followers!!

“Well begun is half done”

It’s been 6 months since I started my blog. And now I have accomplished by 100 followers. Thank you so much to everyone who read my post and like them and appreciate them by commenting. I never thought that I could get to where I am. All of this is because of you all, my readers, my followers. I really appreciate each and every like and comment.

At first I thought I would start a motivating blog. And I keep going on that idea for some days and after some months I wrote my first poem which got a lot of appreciation and it made me really happy. So I begun to write musings. So, I can simply express my thoughts in my words.

Once again, thanks to all the followers for making me fel good about myself. I used to be a girl, who hated her and thought that she is worth nothing. But, when I begun to write I felt like I could escape through my depression with this.

Thank you so much everyone β™‘


You might be thinking

That why I am being so impolite

There is not any other reason

But the whole reason is you

Don’t you know?

My behaviour depends on your behaviour

But for me now you don’t have Any importance

It was you who ruined your reputation

And other’s behaviour with you

It was only you

Stop pointing others

If you’re the reason

Reason, why everyone is disturbed

Let me give you an suggestion

Go And die

Because I don’t like people who cause problems….!


You’re not a good person!!!

@DuaSiddiqui β™‘


I can see her shadow

from far away

She is not a loser

But is a ray of sunrise

She can handle every situation

in a better way

take care of herΒ 

and pray for her

she is sweet and she is betrayed

for something she don’t even know

let she live her life

let she be happy with herself…!

Let she think she is worth it…!

nature red love romantic
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I know my worth

I know who I am

I know why I am alive

Don’t try to fool me

Because if you’re thinking

you’re fooling me

Than you’re just fooling yourself

Your own self

I’m tired of being controlled

And knowing the world

Through your mind

What you thought was wrong

I was not a blind

Who can’t see the beauty of world

You kept me in a cage

I’m tired of your rage…!

Talent needs to be Appreciated!

Hey Guys! Don’t you guys think that we should appreciate the people who have talent. Today i’m showcasing some sketches and art of my lovely friend Laiba Khan. Alot of praise to her for being so unbelievely talented.

She also has a blog @Laiblog And she have a youtube and facebook account as well.


I request you all to go and appreciate her and make her feel special. Thank you! πŸ’•


A lil Get To Know Me Tag β™‘

Hey hey hey!! I know this is very random, so as I love to know about my fellow bloggers, I want to answer some questions. Are you excited? Lol, I’m so much. Lets get started.

As I have planned that I’ll answer some question and will nominate some of my fellow bloggers to answers the question, as an Get to Know Me!

1) what is your full name and what does it means?

My full name is Dua Siddiqui. And Dua means pray in Arabic, and also love in Albanian.

2) where are you from?

I live in Pakistan, better known as Hidden Treasure. It is full of breathtaking landscapes.

3) What is your favourite color?

As pink is known as the color of girls, I think I’m not an actual girl as I hate pink but I love black maybe because I’m not that girly.

4) What is your education?

I’m still studying, I’m in 8th grade. Pray for my exams they are coming soon.

5) When is your birthday? And what is your zodiac sign?

I was born on 15 December, which makes me an sagittarius.

β™‘ Thank you for reading. As I really want to know

My fellow bloggers so I would like to nominate some

To do this Get to know me. β™‘

My nominees:

β€’ Samyak singh (Sam)
β€’ Sadia Noor

Focus on Good, Not on the Bad!

It’s been an habit of our society to focus on bad traits of a person instead of focusing on Good traits. That is what I really stand against for. Every person is bad and good. They have some good traits and some bad traits. They are known for their traits, either it is bad or good. You have to change your mind. It is an old saying that “stop pointing others, first search your own soul”. So first focus that you might be wrong. We are humans and not angels that we can’t make any mistake. So take care, before you point someone else.

Thank you God πŸ˜Š

Alot of us gets disappointed with our lifes sometimes, and the whole reason is that we forget to thank God for his blessings. There are billion of people in this world and some of them are disabled, some of them can’t see, some can’t walk! Just imagine, living your life as a blind! You can’t even imagine right? Their life is hard. As you might have seen that the person who is in the most pain, is the most closer to God. Always remember that you must be thankful to God. Thanking God makes you happier and satisfied with your life. That’s God who made you perfect, without any flaws.
β€œThank you, dear God, for this good life, and forgive us if we do not love it enough.”

Thank God!

Your Fiction Stories.

Whenever I look at the sky

I feel like I want to cry

The feeling, I can’t describe

And I can’t even deny

Even if you aren’t right

Time flew so fast

I got a little apart

Because if I won’t

You will keep on playing the role

The role, what used to mine

You tell me, you’re tired of being alive

But I’m not the reason

Why you are regretting

It was you who kept telling lies

And told me, I’m all flawless

Now why do you want me to disappear

I’m not what I used to be

I’m no longer your hunny bunny

Stop critizing me

You are always betraying me

And I’m on an ocean creek…!


Her world is Dark!

She closed the door

She sat down

Sweeping the tears falling

Crossing her fingers against her face

She can feel the scars she got

Just because her world was dark

And she was alone

There was no one to help her

She lives like a dead person

She remembers the time when she could see

And how people changed through time

The man who used to love

Now beats her for another one

Why? Because she lives in the dark

She can’t even see a spark

And the tears kept felling down

She tries to stop her tears

But she is still in fear

That what if she got lost

Who will be ever there

Because she know

No one really cares

The dreams she got to follow

Now her heart is also shallow

She tried to fall asleep

So she can’t feel the ache

How her heart has broken

She can’t even smile

Her smile is being criticised

All that they lie

That she’ll be fine….!

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